Alaska Wild Salmon or Coal Strip Mine?

Just 45 miles across Cook Inlet from Anchorage lies the Chuitna River, a pristine watershed that is home to all five species of wild Pacific salmon. It is at the headwaters of this picturesque river that PacRim Coal proposes to build one of the largest open-pit coal mines in the country – a plan that would directly destroy nearly 14 miles of salmon stream in the first phase alone and discharge 7 million gallons of mine waste water into the river everyday. This first-of-its-kind proposal to coal mine directly through a wild salmon stream would set a precedent that would leave salmon streams across Alaska at risk.

PacRim’s proposal to strip mine directly through a salmon stream leaves Alaskans with a clear choice: Salmon or coal? People around the state are joining the fight to protect the future of salmon in Alaska by stopping this dangerous proposal.

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What you can do:

Learn more about the campaign – View the Factsheet PDF

Watch and share the film “Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line” 

Join our email action team today to join the fight to protect wild Alaska salmon streams from coal strip mining